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PacketExchange is a British multinational network services provider based in London. Founded in 2002 its network connected 45 points of presence across Europe, Asia and the United States over a private backbone consisting primarily of multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet links over dedicated wavelengths on a fiber-optic mesh.

PacketExchange's of services include Ethernet Private Line (both EPL and EVPL), wide-area peering, community of interest networking, content delivery network, single and multi-homed Internet transit and dedicated Internet access. The company also offers expertise in peering/BGP and infrastructure to support cloud computing.

The company headquarters are in London, UK with offices in the United States.

Company history[edit]

The company was founded to act as a wide-area Internet Exchange Point and application delivery service provider. The company's original business model was to use Ethernet and MPLS technology to build a distributed Internet Exchange Point as well as to provide point to point Ethernet connectivity. This model was reasonably successful, with over 140 networks peering traffic over the PacketExchange network. The commoditization of the IP market forced the company to evolve.

In January 2005, PacketExchange acquired and integrated XchangePoint.[1] In October 2007, PacketExchange was hired by the rock band Radiohead for the internet release of their album In Rainbows. In February 2008, Rick Mace became the new CEO, and simultaneously PacketExchange secured an additional $12 million investment. The company added two network points of presence during 2008: one in the Telx colocation facility in New York and another in Singapore.

In January 2010 Mzima Networks announced that its network assets were acquired by PacketExchange. Grant Kirkwood became PacketExchange's CTO. The two companies merged customer bases and operations resulting in a combined company with an extensive global network footprint that leverages its 10 Gigabit backbone to provide global Ethernet private line services, MPLS and VPLS networking, IP transit and peering services.

In May 2011, Global Telecom & Technology (GTT) acquired PacketExchange for US$20 million in cash.[2]


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