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Padang Serai or lemongrass field, a little town tucked away in the southern part of Kedah is in Kulim district, Kedah, Malaysia. The town is located between Kuala Ketil and Lunas.

The sleepy hollow, surrounded by oil palm plantations and the nearby Kulim High-tech Industrial Zone has 56 percent Malay, 23 percent Indians and 12 percent Chinese voters.

There are few villages such as Kg Teluk Binu, Kg Sidam Kanan, Kg Sentosa, Permatang Durian and some estates like Ladang Bukit Selarong, Ladang Nagalilit. Labu Besar is 20km away.

Padang Serai is famous with its "Pekan Sehari Ahad" or Sunday's Market. Padang Serai is a fast expanding town with the mushrooming of many new housing estates.

Padang Serai is in dire needs of more banks operating in the area as currently there is only one RHB Bank serves the area while population is exploding.

In front of the post office, there is one roti canai seller who sells delicious roti canai.

D'Keriangan Hotel is the only decent hotel in town and it is located after the traffic light junction to Kuala Ketil from either Penang or Kulim.

For smallholders or planters, there is one Aik Hwa shop supplies fertilisers, herbicide and the fishing gear.

The race for the Padang Serai GE13 parliamentary seat will be between PKR vice-president N Surendran, Wanita MCA vice-chairperson Heng Seai Kie, Berjasa’s Hamidi Abu Hassan, as well as Independents Othman Wawi and Gobalakrishnan the incumbent, who left PKR in 2010 and is partyless.

During the 2008 election, Gobalakrishnan, who contested under PKR banner, trounced Boey Chin Gan, of BN, by a majority votes of 11,738, and was voted Padang Serai MP.

Coordinates: 05°30′N 100°34′E / 5.500°N 100.567°E / 5.500; 100.567