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Page Plus Cellular
Industry Telecommunications
Founder 1993
Headquarters Medly, Florida, United States
Products CDMA mobile phone operator
Services Wireless Services
Parent America Móvil

Page Plus Cellular is a prepaid Verizon Wireless mobile virtual network operator in the United States operated by TracFone Wireless, Inc.


Page Plus Cellular was established in 1993 as Page Plus Communications, selling pager services in the Toledo, Ohio area. In August 1998 the company was renamed Page Plus Cellular and launched services in Ohio and Michigan, followed by a nationwide launch in 2000.

In May 2013, Mexican telecommunications company América Móvil purchased Page Plus Cellular for an undisclosed amount.[1] As of January 6, 2014, regulatory approval was received and Page Plus Cellular has joined other Américan Móvil subsidiaries like TracFone. At the time of sale, Page Plus Cellular had 1.4 million subscribers.[2]


Page Plus Cellular offers both pay-as-you-go and no-contract monthly plans.[3] Both monthly and pay-as-you-go customers add voice minutes, data and text messages to their account by purchasing refill cards.

Page Plus allows most postpaid Verizon and Alltel phones to be activated with limitations. Other CDMA phones can also be reprogrammed for use on Page Plus' network, including devices from Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket and U.S. Cellular, excluding Virgin Mobile USA phones. Page Plus cannot activate prepaid Verizon Wireless or Alltel devices.

Authorized dealers[edit]

Due to only having one office, Page Plus Cellular sources its services to dealers who work as independent contractors under its own company name. Such sellers are known as authorized dealers with either physical or online stores and include Page Plus CA, Evergreen Cellular, Kitty Wireless, beigephone, Long Wireless Communications, PagePlusNC, Southeast Cell and Pacific Paging.

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