Pagidipalli-Nallapadu railway line

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Route map of Guntur Division, South Central Railway, India
Landscape view on Pagidipalli-Nallapadu section of Guntur Division from Janmabhoomi Express

Pagidipalli-Nallapadu railway line is a minor railway line in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, which connects Secunderabad Junction and Guntur Junction and acts as an alternative for the SC-KZJ-BZA line. It comes under the jurisdiction of Guntur Railway Division of South Central Railway. It is a single, unelectrified line.


This Railway line between Pagidipalli and Nadikudi was opened for traffic in three phases: in 1987, on November 1988, and on April 1989.

Trains passing through this line[edit]

  • 17015/17016---Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad Jn-Bhubaneswar---Visakha Express
  • 12734/12733---Tirupathi-Secunderabad Jn-Tirupathi---Narayanadri Express
  • 17229/17230---Trivandrum-Hyderabad Deccan-Trivandrum---Sabari Express
  • 12603/12604---Chennai Central-Hyderabad Deccan-Chennai Central---Express.
  • 12747/12748---Guntur Jn-Vikarabad Jn-Guntur Jn-------------------Palnadu Express
  • 12703/12704---Howrah Jn-Secunderabad Jn-Howrah Jn----------------Falaknuma Express
  • 17203/17204---Bhavnagar-Kakinada Town-Bhavnagar------------------Express
  • 12805/12806---Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad Jn-Visakhapatnam--------Janmabhoomi Express
  • 17255/17256---Narsapur-Hyderabad Deccan-Narsapur-----------------Express
  • 57619/57620---Repalle-Secunderabad Jn-Repalle--------------------Delta Fast Passenger
  • 57651/57652---Secunderabad Jn-Repalle-Secunderabad Jn------------Passenger
  • 77673/77674---Miryalaguda-Kachiguda-Miryalaguda------------------DEMU Passenger
  • 57217---------Guntur-Macherla------------------------------------Passenger
  • 57218---------Macherla-Guntur Jn-Bhimavaram Jn-------------------Passenger
  • 57219/57220---Guntur Jn-Macherla-Guntur Jn-----------------------Passenger


View of River krishna from Janmabhoomi Express on the Pagidipalli-Nallapadu section of Guntur Railway Division

This is the distance of various stations from Secunderabad Jn.

  • Secunderabad Jn----0 km
  • Bibinagar----------34 km[On the main line]
  • Ramannapeta--------75 km
  • Nalgonda-----------110 km
  • Miryalaguda--------148 km
  • Vishnupuram--------168 km
  • Nadikudi Jn--------185 km[a line to Macherla]
  • Piduguralla -------208 km
  • Sattenapalle-------240 km
  • Nallapadu Jn-------279 km[a junction on Guntakal-Vijayawada line]
  • Guntur Jn----------284 km[a major junction which leads to tenali on Bza-Mas Line]