Pagodas in Burma

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Shwedagon in Yangon

Pagodas in Burma (or Myanmar) are tiered structures for Buddhist religious purposes; the Burmese word is ဘုရား (MLCTS bhu.ra:; pronounced [pʰəjá]). Theravada Buddhism is the religion of the majority of Burma's population (89%). In all parts of the country where the Burmese people live there are pagodas and Buddhist monasteries. The graceful tapering shape of a pagoda painted white or gilded to a shining gold, is a basic part of any Burmese landscape. Burma is often called the "Land of Pagodas". Following are some lists of pagodas.


Mandalay is a cultural and religious center of Buddhism, having many monasteries and more than 700 pagodas.

Bagan Pagodas

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