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Paiçandu is a city in the state of Paraná in southern Brazil. Paiçandu was founded in 1948, and emancipated on 19 November 1960. As of the 2000 census, its total population was 30,727 (29,584 urban and 1,143 rural, with an Annual Growth Index of 3.17%).


  • Distance from Curitiba, the state capital: 449 km
  • Distance from Paranaguá, Paraná's primary seaport: 540 km
  • Distance from Maringá, site of the nearest major airport: 7 km


Paiçandu's subtropical climate offers hot summers and concentrated wet seasons; Paiçandu has no dry season. The average high temperature is 22°C. Frost rarely accompanies the winter weather (the average low temperature is 18°C).


Participation in the Municipal GIP[edit]

  • Farming: 8.72%
  • Industry: 38.92%
  • Services: 52.35%

Number of inhabitants who are actively employed: 14,597

Primary crops[edit]

Primary industries[edit]

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