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Origin Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Genres Nu metal, Groove metal
Years active 1997-2001, 2011-present
Associated acts Vexx, Body Pit, Slipknot, On A Pale Horse, Vice Grip Throttle, All That Crawls
Members Anders Colsefni
Antonio Alaniz
Dave Baker
Greg Stravers

Painface is an American nu metal band that originally formed in 1997 in Des Moines, Iowa.


Early Days (1997-2001)[edit]

Painface formed in late 1997 after Andrew Rouw (known by his stage name "Anders Colsefni") departed from Slipknot earlier that year. The band worked on an untitled demo EP between 1998-1999 for which fans adopted the name "On A Pale Horse", which later also included recordings from 2001. Later on in 1999 they recorded their first full-length album, FleshCraft. In 2001 the band significantly altered their line-up, changing name to "On A Pale Horse" and soon stopped being associated with Painface, being considered a different band.

Reformation, back to the stage and Mortality (2011-present)[edit]

The band reformed in 2011 as Painface, with a new line-up where only Rouw was included from the original line-up. They announced a new album to be released as a 4-volume box set, titled "Mortality", with the first volume "Concussion" to be released in spring 2012, which was then delayed for 2014 due to complications. On the 27th January 2012 Painface returned to the stage for the first time in over 10 years. The band played with their new line-up at the Vaudeville Mews in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. A 4-track "Skullcrusher" EP was released in January 2014 as a kind of showcase of the new material and to keep people hungry until the first volume of the box set is recorded and released.

Origins of the name and confusion with Slipknot[edit]

It is a common misconception that "Painface" was one of Slipknot's original names before they settled for their current one. The origin of the name "Painface" was as the title of a song Rouw had written in 1992 while in a band named "Pull My Finger" (later shortened to just "Pull") with Rouw on vocals, Patrick Neuwirth on guitar, Paul Gray on bass and Shawn Crahan on drums. All members, except Neuwirth, became the founding members of Slipknot in 1995.

Rouw has stated that he thought of the name after he was told that when he sings his face looks like he is in pain.

Band Members[edit]


  • On A Pale Horse EP
  • FleshCraft (2000)
  • Skullcrusher EP (2013)
  • Mortality (TBA)