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PaintCare is a non-profit product stewardship organization and a project of the American Coatings Association. PaintCare's primary effort is to make paint recycling more convenient in states with paint stewardship laws by establishing drop-off locations where the public can take unwanted, leftover paint.[1] PaintCare is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

PaintCare was formed to manage the first U.S. paint stewardship program that began in Oregon in July 2010.[2] PaintCare also runs paint stewardship programs in California, Connecticut, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Vermont.[3] Two additional states have also passed paint stewardship laws requiring programs in the future: Colorado[4] and Maine.[5]

These programs are funded by a fee on each container of new paint sold in these states. Fees are based on the size of the container: 35 cents for larger than a half pint to smaller than one gallon, 75 cents for one gallon, and $1.60 for larger than one gallon up to 5 gallons.[6] Fees are not applied to containers that are a half pint or smaller or larger than 5 gallons.

Funding supports setting up drop-off locations[7] for postconsumer architectural coatings (includes paint, stain, and varnish) from households and businesses in each state with a program.[8] Most drop-off locations are paint retailers. PaintCare also works with household hazardous waste programs and solid waste transfer stations to cover expenses related to paint transportation, recycling, and disposal of the paint they accept. There is no charge for dropping off paint at a PaintCare location. All sites accept all brands of paint, regardless of how old the paint is.[9]

PaintCare also encourages households and businesses to find creative uses for leftover paint or to provide it to local reuse stores or non-profit organizations that accept paint along with other building supplies.


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