Painted Faces

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Painted Faces
Traditional 七小福
Simplified 七小福
Mandarin Qī xiǎo fú
Cantonese Cat1 siu2 fuk1
Directed by Alex Law
Produced by Leonard Ho
Mona Fong
Written by Alex Law
Mabel Cheung
Starring Sammo Hung
Lam Ching Ying
Cheng Pei-pei
Wu Ma
John Shum
Music by Lowell Lo
Cinematography David Chung
Edited by Kwong Chi Leung
Yu Tun
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
  • 10 November 1988 (1988-11-10)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$14,730,964

Painted Faces (pinyin: Qī xiǎo fú, Cantonese: Cat1 siu2 fuk1), is a Hong Kong film directed by Alex Law. The movie was first released in 1988. The language spoken in this movie is Cantonese.

The Chinese title refers to the Seven Little Fortunes - Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and his fellow opera-mates, who later made it big in the Hong Kong film industry. The film focuses on Master Yu Ho, their teacher, and his methods on bringing up his protégés.


Awards and nominations[edit]

8th Hong Kong Film Awards[edit]

25th Golden Horse Awards[edit]

  • Won: Best Film

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