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Paiting (Hangul: 파이팅, pronounced [pʰaitʰiŋ], or Hangul: 화이팅, pronounced [hwaitʰiŋ]), also known as Fighting, is a common Konglish expression in the Korean language that is meant to rally or cheer someone. It is used as a form of encouragement, often in sports or whenever a challenge is met.[1]

Its original word, in English, "fighting" is used as an adjective or present participle, not as exclamation. But its use has changed in Korean, so "Paiting" (or also pronounced "Hwaiting") is used as an exclamation. It is often translated as "Come on!" or "Let's go!" in English (such as "대한민국 파이팅!" → "Go, Korea!"),[2][3] but has no exact equivalent. The term is also meant to induce players and spectators alike to draw on inner power.

It is often accompanied by the expression "Aja aja!"(Hangul: 아자 아자)[4] which is a kind of rally. The expression "Hwaiting" (Hangul: 화이팅", pronounced [hwaitʰiŋ]), a synonym of "Paiting", while the original colloquial spelling used by Koreans, is not included in important Korean dictionaries such as The standard dictionary of the Korean language (표준국어대사전).[5]

Similar in meaning and use to the common Japanese phrases "Ganbatte!" (頑張って) and "Fight! (faito!)" (ファイト), and the Chinese "Jiayou!" (加油-literally, add oil).


It is a loan word from the English language "fighting".[1][3][6]


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