Ashéninga language

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Native to Perú
Ethnicity Ashéninka people
Native speakers
50,000  (2001–2002)[1]
  • Southern
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
cjo – Pajonal
cpy – South Ucayali
cpu – Pichis
cpb – Ucayali-Yurúa
prq – Perené
Glottolog ashe1271  (Asheninga + Axininca)[2]

Ashéninka (Ashéninga, Ashénika) is an indigenous American language of the Arawakan family spoken in Perú. All but a few of the 50,000 people in the ethnic group are fluent. Ashéninka is a dialect cluster of five partially mutually intelligible varieties:

Pajonal Ashéninka, South Ucayali Ashéninka, Pichis Ashéninka, Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka, Perené Ashéninka,

which are named for the region or river along which their speakers live.

Ashéninka is a locally official language in Perú, as are all native Peruvian languages. It and its relatives are also known by the largely pejorative term Campa.

Glottolog does not considere South Ucayali Ashéninka to be a distinct language or dialect.[3]


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