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Pakeeza is an Hindi album by Zubeen Garg, released in 2013 with eight numbers of romantic songs under the banner of Times music. The album was released in Guwahati Medical College auditorium during the event of Prag Cine Awards, 2013. It's been 3 years in the making but Zubeen Garg's latest Hindi album Pakeeza is now out exclusively on Times Music. His feat of more than 15,000 songs in 7 languages over the past 21 years certainly speaks volumes about the versatility of Zubeen Garg as a singer. But it doesn't even come close to describing his uber iconic status in north east India.

Track listing[edit]

Track # Song Singer(s) Length Music Director
1 "Pakeeza" Zubeen Garg 5:04 Zubeen Garg
2 "Piya" Zubeen Garg 4:17 Zubeen Garg
3 "I Can Live For You" Zubeen Garg 3:59 Zubeen Garg
4 "Kafur" Zubeen Garg 5:15 Zubeen Garg
5 "Kehkasha" Zubeen Garg 3:57 Zubeen Garg
6 "Piya More" Zubeen Garg 4:40 Zubeen Garg
7 "Chalte Chalo Re" Zubeen Garg 4:00 Zubeen Garg
8 "Rama Rama" Zubeen Garg 3:48 Zubeen Garg