Pakistan–Sudan relations

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Pakistan-Sudan relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Sudan



Pakistan–Sudan relations are the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Sudan. Due to both states sharing the same religion, being former British colonies, and refusing to recognize Israel as a legitimate nation, Pakistan and Sudan have shared generally close and warm relations for decades. Both countries are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Like Minded Group, and the Group of 77; these relations strengthened when Sudan declared its support for Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistani Wars. But because of certain issues however, such as Pakistan's strong relations with the United States, and friendly Sudanese relations with India and Bangladesh, things between the two countries have reached a complex point. Also, another very important topic which somewhat strains ties between Islamabad and Khartoum is the December 2001 transferral of Al-Jazeera photographer Sami al-Hajj at the hands of the Pakistani government to Guantanamo Bay. Despite this tension, Pakistan and Sudan still engage in collaborative dialogue at OIC summits to improve political stability in the Middle East and the Islamic World [1]; in other words contact between the two nations still remains friendly. Since 2011, Pakistan has continued to support Sudan on its border disputes with South Sudan.

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