Pakistan Crane Center, Lakki Marwat

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Pakistan Crane Center is a conservation center for the captive breeding of common crane and demoiselle crane. It is located west of Kurram River in Lakki Marwat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 250 kilometres (155 mi) south of Peshawar. The center is equipped with a total of 15 circular aviaries as well as an education block for visitors.[1] The center is operated by the Bannu Wildlife Division, Bannu and Pakistan Wetlands Programme of Ministry of Environment (Pakistan). The programme is funded by WWF - Pakistan, GEF, UNDP and Darwin Initiative.[2]

Lakki marwat is a seasonal migratory route for the cranes. Many residents in nearby towns and villages keep a number of cranes in captivity. These cranes are captured from the wild using stone-weighted ropes tossed up into flocks attracted to live decoys. The programme also aims to teach the advanced breeding methods to these breeders as part of conservation of endangered species of common crane.[2]

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