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Pakistan Marine Academy
Pakistan Marine Academy Logo.jpg
Motto Join Merchant Navy and see the World
Established 1962
Type Maritime Academy
Commandant Chief Engineer Tahir Jamil
Admin. staff 211
Undergraduates 340
Location Karachi, Pakistan
24°51′31″N 66°55′51″E / 24.85861°N 66.93083°E / 24.85861; 66.93083Coordinates: 24°51′31″N 66°55′51″E / 24.85861°N 66.93083°E / 24.85861; 66.93083
Campus Suburban, 136 acres
Colors Navy Blue      and White     
Nickname PMA
Mascot Mariner
Affiliations International Maritime Organization; World Maritime University; Karachi University; NED University of Engineering and Technology
Flag of Pakistan Marine Academy

Pakistan Marine Academy (also known as PMA) is located at Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a Governmental institution which trains Merchant Marine officers. It is affiliated with World Maritime University and NED University of Engineering and Technology and is also recognised by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. Pakistan Marine academy covers an area of around 136 acres on the water front in Karachi Harbor, Hawksbay Road.

All facilities are made available which are required by a maritime training institution to meet the standards set by International Maritime Organization under STCW convention and World Maritime University Malmo Sweden. This includes Seamen Training Wing (STW), Academic Block (Quaid Block), Residence for Cadets, Workshop, Engine Plant Simulator, Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) Simulator, Medical Center, Mosque, Bank and a Residential Area, school and college for the officers in charge and the staff of the Academy.

The Academy is monitored for the training standards of the seafarers by International Maritime Organization (IMO). The facilities at Pakistan Marine Academy are being constantly upgraded to stay with the fast changing technology in the maritime industry.


Pakistan Marine Academy was established in Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1962.[1] It was located on the east bank of the Karnafuli River, facing the Bay of Bengal. It was established under Colombo Plan and began functioning from 3 September 1962.[1] It was the first institution of its kind ever established in Pakistan to train merchant marine officers. Officers and staff from Pakistan Navy and known merchant mariners, trained from the private workshops took hold of the administration of this institution. Originally, the Academy provided pre-sea training for the cadets of Nautical and Engineering Branches. First batch of 41 cadets successfully passed out from the academy in 1964.[2]

Academy continued to produce fine officers year after year until 1971 when East Pakistan took independence in the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. The academy was then shifted to Karachi[1] and was housed temporarily in the two blocks of Haji Camp and the Campus in Juldiah was renamed as Bangladesh Marine Academy. Pakistan Marine Academy suffered a lot due to lack of administration and facilities until 1976 when new campus at its current location was built.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto inaugurated the institution in a stone laying ceremony. This campus occupied an area of 136 acres and was loaded with all the desired facilities at that time.[3] Commodore S.M. Anwar was the first commandant of this renewed institution. Under his tenure the Auditorium (Anwar Hall), Computer lab and mosque was inaugurated. He filled the academy with all the lacking facilities which included 8-bed hospital and engineering and nautical model rooms. In 1979 Seamen training centre was also shifted inside the Academy from Haji Camp which worked under Ministry of Communications.

In 1986 Pakistan Marine Academy was affiliated with Karachi University and became a degree awarding institution.[4] BSc. Maritime Studies in Marine Engineering and Nautical Sciences were awarded to all the graduates of this institution. In 1997 Seamen Training Centre was renamed as Seamen Training Wing and became a subordinate body of Pakistan Marine Academy. From then on they both worked under the Ministry of Ports and Shipping.[5] In 2002 the marking system was changed from percentage system to GPA system as per the standards. Today Pakistan Marine Academy houses 340 undergraduates and produces 170 graduates each year. The Seamen Training Wing houses 70 General Purpose trainees and produces 140 General Purpose Crew each year and is also conducting the post sea courses for the seafarers.[6]

In the year 2012 NED University of Engineering and Technology affiliated Pakistan Marine Academy. As per the revised regulations of Higher Education Commission Pakistan the two years BSc. degree program was replaced by two years Associate Degree program (Equivalent to Higher National Diploma[7]) in all the universities offering bachelors degree after two years of higher studies.[8] Hence forth NED University of Engineering and Technology was approved for the award of this associate degree in Ship Management or Marine Engineering to the Academy's Nautical and Engineering cadets respectively on successful completion of their two years training.[6]


A view of the Mast of Pakistan Marine Academy in Parade Ground

[9] To bring cadets hailing from various parts of the country to a common level of Academic competence. To provide a sound academic foundation which will help them absorb and assimilate professional instruction with facility and teaching the fundamentals of Nautical and Marine Engineering that is essential for a successful career at sea.

To enhance their educational standard with a reasonably broad base to enable them pursue higher studies in academic as well as professional subjects on their own.

To provide general education which will broaden their mental horizon.

To meet the training requirements of IMO in accordance with the STCW Convention for Merchant Navy Officers.

To develop the qualities of leadership, management, sincerity, sense of responsibility, honour, character, pride of profession, loyalty and devotion to perform duty in service of the country.

Cadets Code of Conduct[edit]

[10] The Cadet of Pakistan Marine Academy must always;

  • Remain smart, alert and lively at all times.
  • Consider personal cleanliness and the cleanliness of PMA as personal responsibility.
  • Obey all orders smartly and cheerfully.
  • Be punctual always.
  • Place duty above any other consideration.
  • Do not shirk any responsibility or duty. In fact, volunteer to take responsibility.
  • Speak the truth, regardless of consequences.
  • Be honest and do not cheat.
  • Behave like gentlemen.
  • Be ready to help others at all times.
  • Learn to admire rather than condemn.
  • Be fair and just to all.
  • Be broad minded and free from parochial and racial feelings.
  • Do all your work with your own hands, thus demonstrating dignity of labour.
  • Do not protect wrong doers.
  • Do not conceal facts or evidence.
  • Devote yourself wholeheartedly to your studies and learning.
  • Uphold the good name of Pakistan Marine Academy at all times.
  • Take interests in all extra-curricular activities of Pakistan Marine Academy.
  • Develop an attitude of friendliness towards all; service before self; give rather than take; and oblige rather than be obliged.
  • Win respect through merit alone.
  • Remain cheerful and obedient under all circumstances.
  • Give wholehearted respect to seniors and give affection and guidance to juniors.
  • Last, but not the least, feel honour bound to report any breach of code of conduct without fear or favour.

Pre-Sea Courses[edit]

There are three Pre-sea courses conducted by the academy.

  1. Two years Associate degree program in Marine Engineering.
  2. Two years Associate degree program in Nautical Science.
  3. Five Months certificate course for General Purpose Crew (GP-3) Training.

Two years Associate degree program in Marine Engineering[edit]

Cadets are inducted each year in the month of January for this course. The course is divided into four semesters. On the completion of the course an associate degree in Marine Engineering is awarded which enables the cadet to serve as an Engineering Officer on board the merchant ships. It is mandatory for the Marine Engineering Cadets to do one year apprenticeship in either Pakistan National Shipping Corporation or Karachi Port Trust Workshops after passing out from the Academy. Cadets are required to stay within the Academy during the two-year course.[11]

English, Mathematics, Physics, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and International Maritime Law are the mandatory subjects for the Associate degree program regardless of the branch.

For Associate degree program in Marine Engineering further subjects are added to the mandatory subjects which include Internal Combustion Engines Knowledge,General Engineering Knowledge, Workshop Practice, Applied Mechanics, Applied Thermodynamics, Electro-technology, Instrumentation and Control Systems, Naval Architecture and Ship Construction and Machine Drawing.[12]

Two Years Associate degree program in Nautical Science[edit]

Similar to the Marine Engineering program the induction of cadets for Associate degree Program in Nautical Science takes place each year in the month of January and similarly the course is divided into four Semesters. On the completion of the course an associate degree in Ship Management is awarded which enable the cadet to serve as a Deck Officer on board the merchant ships. As per the rules of the academy the Cadets of this course are also required to stay within the Academy until the completion of the course.[11]

For the complete Associate degree program in Nautical Science further subjects are added to the mandatory subjects which include Principle of Navigation, Ocean and Off-shore navigation, Electronic Navigation System, Radar Navigation, Coastal Navigation, Seamanship, Marine Communications, Watch keeping, Ship Stability, Ship Construction, Cargo Handling and Stowage and Marine Meteorology.[12]

Five Months General Purpose Crew (GP-3) Training[edit]

[13][14] The pre–sea training for GP III is conducted at the Seamen Training Wing which is an organisation of Pakistan Marine Academy and is located within the Academy premises. This Course is of five months and it is conducted twice each year.

The GP-III training course include training in nautical, engineering and saloon profession including mandatory courses. After completion of the course, central examination is held under the supervision of examiners appointed by the Ports and Shipping Wing. The course is monitored and controlled for quality and standards during this period by the examiners. The passing trainee gets the GP-3 certification and the certificate of all the general courses.[14]

Cadets Intake per year[edit]

170 cadets are selected each year, for the two years associate degree program, out of which 150 are selected on the basis of merit and 20 (10 in each discipline i.e. Nautical Science and Marine Engineering) are inducted under self finance scheme (SFS). In Self Finance Scheme the one has to deposit a certain amount (which may vary each year) in Pakistani Rupees excluding Academy Fees. Cadets who are selected on merit may choose to study in any of the two disciplines.

Number of students selected for GP-III training course depends upon the demand of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and registered companies manning foreign shipping companies. Hence, they may vary each year.

Number of Graduates from Pakistan Marine Academy[edit]

Marine Academy, Chittagong[edit]

Batch Year Passed Number
1st 1964 41
2nd 1965 41
3rd 1966 42
4th 1967 44
5th 1968 44
6th 1969 44
7th 1970 44
8th 1971 44

Pakistan Marine Academy, Karachi[edit]

Batch Year Passed Number
9th 1972 22
10th 1973 36
11th 1974 70
12th 1975 59
13th 1976 77


[3] For the associate degree program in marine engineering or nautical science only male citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are eligible to apply. The applicant must not be more than twenty years of age by 31 December of the year in which he is applying for admission. However, a one year relaxation is given to the candidates from Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Azad Kashmir. Applicants must have a Secondary School Certificate and a Higher Secondary School Certificate with at least second division. He must be declared medically fit by the military hospital and Mercantile Marine Department of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping.

Cadets from friendly countries are admitted only when sponsored by the government of their respective nations on a government-to-government arrangement and on the basis of the availability of seats.

For General Purpose Training course candidate must have Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or certificate of equivalent examinations. He must be 18 to 25 years of age on the date of the commencement of Course. He must be declared medically fit by military hospital and Mercantile Marine Department of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping.

Post-Sea Courses[edit]

[15] Following are the different courses held in the institute for the Seamen which are required for promotions and different companies.

Nautical Courses[edit]

  1. Navigational Control Course (Management Level)
  2. Navigation Control Course (Operational Level)
  3. Tanker Familiarization Course
  4. Advanced Tanker Safety Course.

Engineering Courses[edit]

  1. Engine Plant Simulator (Basic Course)
  2. Engine Plant Simulator (Advance Course)

more courses also

General Courses[edit]

  1. Basic Fire- Fighting Course
  2. Advance Fire- Fighting Course
  3. Personal Survival Techniques Courses
  4. Elementary First Aid Course
  5. Medical First Aid Course
  6. Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat (Regular) Course
  7. Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat (Up-dating) Course
  8. Personal Safety & Social Responsibility Course


[16] The Academy is funded by the Ministry of Ports and Shipping and is administered by the Mercantile Marine Department, Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Navy. The entire student body is referred to as the Cadets of Pakistan Marine Academy. The body is subdivided into four divisions Jinnah, Iqbal, Qasim and Liaquat. Each division is led by a Cadet Captain and entire student body is led by a Chief Cadet Captain and Sports Cadet Captain. Each division contains cadets from both Nautical and Engineering Branch. Similarly the entire administration and teaching staff is referred as Authority which is led by the Commandant Pakistan Marine Academy, Deputy Commandant, Chief Education Officer (CEO) and Training Commander. Academy also has its subordinate body referred as Seamen Training Wing (STW) which conducts all the post-sea courses and mandatory pre-sea courses including a pre-sea course of General Purpose Crew (GP-3) training.


Passing Out Parade[edit]

The Passing Out Parade is held every year. The graduating cadets of Nautical and Engineering Branch pass out at this parade.

Graduating cadets pass the Quarter Deck which symbolises the end of their training and the end of the first mile stone of their career. Chief guest and the commandant address the parade giving last message to the passing out cadets for a better future.

Families of the cadets and staff of the Academy invited in the event to view the parade. The parade is led by the Chief Cadet Captain. Pakistan Navy band performs in the beginning and at the end of the Parade. The awards presented to the cadets by the chief guest at this occasion are:

  • President's Gold Medal: Awarded to the cadet for the best overall performance in studies.
  • Chief of Naval Staff Silver Medal: Awarded to the best Nautical Cadet.
  • Anis Medal: Instituted by the Cowasjee foundation awarded to the best Engineering Cadet.
  • PNSC Dagger: Awarded to the cadet for the best performance in the regimental training.
  • Proficiency Banner: Awarded to a division for best overall performance in academics, sports and General Training.

Guest Night[edit]

This event also takes place every year usually the day after the passing out parade within the premises of the academy. All cadets are awarded with graduating shields. Other awards presented at this occasion are:

  • Medal for best performance in Engineering Sciences
  • Medal for best performance in Machine Drawing
  • Medal for best performance in General Engineering
  • Medal for best performance in Physics
  • Medal for best performance in English
  • Medal for best performance in Mathematics
  • Medal for best performance in Nautical Subjects

Families of the cadets and staff of the Academy are also invited in this event. The event starts with recitation of Quran followed by Naat and the speech by the chief guest and the commandant of Pakistan Marine Academy. After this each cadet is called on the stage and honoured with shields and prizes.

Declamation contests[edit]

Cadet of Pakistan Marine Academy performing speech in Inter-City Declamation Contest hosted by the Academy itself

Inter-Divisional Bi-lingual Declamation Contest is held twice each year to enhance the public speaking skills of the cadets. Each division has to perform speeches in both English and Urdu language and in both serious and humorous topic. The winning cadet and the winning division is awarded with shields, trophy and cash prizes.

The Inter-City Bi-lingual Declamation Contest is also hosted by Pakistan Marine academy once a year in which universities all over the Karachi participate. Each university is represented by two of its students out of which one has to speak in English and other has to speak in Urdu on a humorous and a serious topic. Winning and runners up teams are awarded with trophies and candidates with the best speech are awarded with shields.

Cadets also participate in foreign events of declamation contest held all over the country by cadet collages, academies and universities.

Drill competition[edit]

Drill competition is held between the divisions once each year. In this competition each division has to perform the set of drills. This competition is judged by the training commander and cadets Admin Officer. Division performing best wins and is honoured by a trophy and points.


Cadets are taken to a tour of different areas of Pakistan which are generally famous for historical and cultural importance. This is necessary for developing the skills of interacting with the people belonging to different cultures and people of different languages. This way they have a chance to learn about such areas of Pakistan which are rarely visited by the people.

Alumni Association[edit]

[17] Marine Academy Old Boys Association (MAcOBA) is an alumni association formed by the graduates of Pakistan Marine Academy. It was formed in 1970 when sixth batch graduated. All the graduates of the institution from the two years degree program become the part of the Association and are referred as Marine Academy Old Boys (MAcOBs). The association is led by President, Vice-President, General Secretory, Joint Secretory and executive members. The fresh graduates of the Academy work voluntarily for the association and are referred as the Task Force.

The objective of the Association is to create sense of belonging amongst the Old Boys of the institution and help the fresh blood with their career. The association also works for the betterment of Pakistan Merchant Navy and the institution itself. The association also raise funds for a cause and helps any graduate in need.

Notable alumni[edit]

Merchant Navy Rank Insignia of Deck Officers and Engineer Officers[edit]

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