Pakistanis in Kuwait

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Pakistanis in Kuwait
Total population
100,000 - 130,000
Regions with significant populations
Kuwait City  · Khaitan  · Salmiya  · Jahra  · Farwaniya
Urdu  · Sindhi  · Punjabi  · Arabic

Pakistanis in Kuwait comprise Pakistani people who have migrated to Kuwait and their locally born descendants.


The Overseas Pakistanis Foundation estimates the population of Pakistanis in Kuwait to be around 130,000.[citation needed] The former Pakistani chargé d'affaires in Kuwait has given a higher estimate of 150,000 in 2009.[1]


There are a number of Pakistani schools in Kuwait few of them are listed below

1. Pakistan school and college Salmiya Kuwait which is the oldest school in Kuwait.
2. Mangaf Pakistan School in Mangaf.
3. Gulf Pakistan English School.
4. New Pakistan International School.
5. International School of Pakistan , Kuwait.

Notable people[edit]


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