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Palazzo Caprini was a Renaissance palazzo in Rome, Italy, in the Borgo rione between Piazza Scossacavalli and via Alessandrina. It was designed by Donato Bramante around 1510, or a few years before.

It was also known as Palazzo di Raffaello, or Raphael's House, since the artist had bought it in 1517 and lived there until his death. In the late 16th century the building was annexed in the Palazzo dei Convertendi, and it was demolished in the 17th century. Its appearance is known from an etching by Antoine Lafréry and a partial sketch attributed to Andrea Palladio.

The palace had a façade with five bays and two levels, with rustication (obtained with stucco) at the lower floor. The upper floor had windows divided by double Doric columns, surmounted by a complete entablature.


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Coordinates: 41°54′09″N 12°27′38″E / 41.9026°N 12.4606°E / 41.9026; 12.4606