Palazzo Margherita (Bernalda)

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Palazzo Margherita (Bernalda)

The Palazzo Margherita is an authentic 19th century palazzo situated in Bernalda, a small town in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy. The palace was originally built in 1892 by the family of Giuseppe Margherita and has recently been renovated.


The history of the Palace and garden are closely related to the strong personality of the former owner Giuseppe Margherita[1] illustrious personage of Bernalda city, with a prominent aesthetic sense, mastermind and creator of one of the most beautiful and best gardens in Italy and finally designer of the striking arcade of Corso Umberto.[2] The Palazzo Margherita is currently the property of Francis Ford Coppola.[3] In 1904 the film director's grandfather left Bernalda for a new life in America.[4] The Palazzo was the location for Sofia Coppola's wedding to Thomas Mars in August 2011.[5][6] The Coppola family purchased the Palazzo in 2004 and transformed it into a small and luxurious hotel.[7][8][9][10] The authentic 19th century palazzo has been completely renovated by Italian architect Bartolomeo Conterio[11] in collaboration with famous French interior designer Jacques Grange. The overall vibe of the resort is very visitor friendly but a luxurious experience at the same time, the owners’ promise visitors will be treated more like friends or neighbors rather than a tourist. The building was restored by Bartolomeo Conterio according to the principles of green-building design and eco-sustainability. The interior is styled with tiled floors and hand painted fresco ceilings with a taste of Moroccan and Baroque flair, furnished with furniture and exotic tiles personally designed by Jacques Grange. The resort has seven large suites and two garden room, many of the rooms feature a large terrace or balcony facing the gardens. The gardens are full of lush and semi-tropical planting, completed with a magnificent fountain and private swimming pool.


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