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Palazzo Molina - "Molina of the two towers", Petrarch's home in Venice from 1362 - 1367, referred locally as Ca’ Molin delle due Torri

Palazzo Molina or Palace of Two Towers is Petrarch's home, also known as "Molina house of the two towers".[1] It has a current address of Riva degli Schiavoni, no. 4145.[2] It is where Petrarch's daughter Francesca and her husband Francescuolo da Brossano lived with their family along with the famous poet 1362–1367.

The idea of living in Venice came to Petrarch through his deep admiration for it. He considered it the miracle of civitas. Petrarch had many friends from Venice, especially in the chancellery. One very special Venetian friend of diplomatic rank was Grand Chancellor Benintendi de Ravagnani. He helped establish the Library of St. Mark from Petrarch's library material archived here, which people are told that visit the Palazzo, formed the basis for this famous library.[3]

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