Pale Moon (song)

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"Pale Moon"
(An Indian Love Song)
Sheet music cover (1920)
Music by Frederic Knight Logan
Lyrics by Jesse G. M. Glick
Written 1920
Language English

"Pale Moon" (An Indian Love Song) is a popular song composed by Frederic Knight Logan with lyrics by Jesse G. M. Glick. The song was written in 1920. Frank Sinatra recorded a version with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in 1941. Jimmy Wakely and Tex Williams also recorded popular Western and Western Swing versions.


The lyrics as published:[1]

Out of my lodge at eventide,
'Mong the sobbing pine,
Footsteps echo by my side,
A spirit face, a sign.
Twilight skies are all alight
Across the deep lagoon.
A face is breaking through the night,
My Indian {maid} {brave}, Pale Moon.
Speak to thy love forsaken,
Thy spirit mantle throw.
Ere thou the great white dawn awaken'
And to the sea thou swingest low,
Then to the west,
I'll follow across the deep lagoon,
Swift as a flying arrow,
To thy abode, Pale Moon.


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