Palena/General Vintter Lake

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Palena Lake
General Vintter Lake
Lago Vintter.jpg
Location Tehuelches Department / Languiñeo Department, Chubut Province, Argentina; Palena Commune, Palena Province, Los Lagos Region, Chile
Coordinates 43°56′S 71°35′W / 43.933°S 71.583°W / -43.933; -71.583Coordinates: 43°56′S 71°35′W / 43.933°S 71.583°W / -43.933; -71.583
Type glacial
Primary outflows Carrenleufú River
Basin countries Argentina; Chile
Settlements Lago Vintter (Argentina)

The Palena or General Vintter is a lake located in Patagonia and shared by Argentina, where it is known as Lago General Vintter, and Chile, where it's called Lago Palena. Both names are internationally accepted.