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Stromatolites - Pilbara craton - Western Australia

The Paleoarchean (/ˌplɪ..ɑrˈkən/; also spelled Palaeoarchaean (Formerly known as early Archean)) is a geologic era within the Archaean. It spans the period of time 3,600 to 3,200 million years ago—the period being defined chronometrically and not referenced to a specific level in a rock section on Earth. The name derives from Greek "Palaios" ancient. The oldest ascertained life form (well-preserved bacteria older than 3,460 million years found in Western Australia) is from this period. The 1st supercontinent Vaalbara formed during this period.

Archean Eon
Eoarchean Paleoarchean Mesoarchean Neoarchean