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The Palestinian government of March 2006 was a government of the Palestinian National Authority from 29 March 2006 to 17 March 2007, led by Ismail Haniyeh. After winning the democratic elections on 25 January, Hamas formed a cabinet of mostly Hamas members and in addition four independents. It was the first Hamas-led PNA government in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Because Hamas did not recognize Israel and earlier agreements a substantial part of the international community, especially Israel and the United States, did not accept the Hamas government. Sanctions to undermine the Palestinian Government were imposed. After the massive arrest of PLC members and ministers by Israel, nearly a third of the parlement was detained.[1][2][3]

International sanctions[edit]

After Hamas democratically won the elections, Israel in conjunction with the United States, threatened to restrict the movement of money, people and goods into and out of Gaza Strip and West Bank, if Hamas would become part of the new government. Israel demanded Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist, to forswear violence and to accept the validity of previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements.[4][5]

Following the formation of a Hamas-led government on 29 March 2006, Israel and the Quartet on the Middle East imposed imposed sanctions against the PA.[6]

Members of the Government[edit]

Minister Portfolio Political affiliation [1]
Ismail Haniyeh Prime Minister/Minister of Sports and Youth Hamas
Mahmoud al-Zahar Foreign Affairs Minister Hamas
Omar Abd al-Razaq Finance Minister Hamas
Said Seyam Interior Minister Hamas
Basem Naim Health Hamas
Alaeddin al-A'raj Economy Hamas
Fakhri Turkman Social Affairs Independent
Wasfi Kabha Prisoners Affairs Hamas
Nasser al-Shaer Deputy Prime Minister/Education Minister Hamas
Yousef Rizqa Information Hamas
Mariam Saleh Woman Affairs Hamas
Ahmed Khalidi Justice Independent
Jamal al Khudari Telecommunications and Information Technology Independent
Abdul Rahman Zeidan Public Works Hamas
Joudeh George Murqos Tourism Independent [2]
Attallah Abul Sabeh Culture Hamas
Ziad Al-Thatah Transportation Hamas
Nayef Rajoub Religious Affairs Hamas
Samir Abu Eisheh Planning Hamas
Mohammed al Agha Agriculture Hamas
Khaled Abu Arafeh Minister without Portfolio Hamas
Issa Ja'bari Local Governance Ministry Hamas
Atef Udwan Refugees Hamas
Mohammad Barghouti Labor Hamas
Mohammed Awad Chief of Cabinet Hamas
  • [1] Some ministers were arrested by Israel, making their duties being transferred to other ministers.
  • [2] Engineer Joudeh George Murqos is the only Christian minister in the government.

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