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The logo on the side of the shopping centre.

The Pallasades was a shopping centre located in Birmingham, England, opened in 1971. The centre was built as part of the reconstruction of Birmingham New Street, and was formerly known as Birmingham Shopping Centre.[1] It occupies 290,000 square feet (26,942 m2) above the station and is currently owned by Birmingham City Council, who purchased it for £91 million on 30 March 2009[2] from the Agora Max Shopping Centre Fund, a property fund of Warner Estate. It was sold to Agora Max by the previous owners, The Mall, in October 2005.[3]

The Pallasades had seen a loss of custom due to the reconstruction of the Bullring Shopping Centre located nearby, though the reconnection of a link between the two shopping centres helped to improve customer footfall.

Access to the shopping centre from New Street is in the form of a ramp divided into two by a painted line on the ground, so that pedestrian traffic entering and exiting the building does not collide. A narrow staircase, which gives access from Stephenson Street, meets the top of the ramp. Prior to the work associated with the redevelopment, an external walkway ran at first-floor level along Stephenson Street to the corner of Navigation Street, from where another staircase and a spiral ramp provided additional access.

The BBC soap opera Doctors uses the shopping centre as filming locations occasionally for shopping mall and even airport scenes. It was also used as a location in the 2009 grim film 1 Day.


The avant-garde exterior of the approved redevelopment before the John Lewis announcement.

The shopping centre is set for a complete redesign as the rest of the station is also rebuilt, being renamed Grand Central Birmingham.[4] The entire redesign could cost £150 million for the shopping centre alone in the £500 million Gateway Plus project. All of the stores have shut from the middle section with some retailers moving to the edge of the centre as there will be a skylight going down into the concourse of the station.

John Lewis store is to anchor the centre, due for completion in 2014, it will include 4 floors and will be one of the largest stores outside of London, it will expand the Pallasades to the south of the station.[5]


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