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Pallone di Cristallo (Italian for Crystal Ball) is an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the season in Sanmarinese football.

The winner is chosen by a technical commission, directed by Italian journalist Giorgio Betti.[1]

The award has been assigned since 1997/98 season and is usually presented during a SM TV summer special, Calcio Estate.


The full list of past winners:[2][3]

Year Nat Player Club
1998 San Marino Bianchi, SimoneSimone Bianchi Folgore Falciano
1999 San Marino Zucchi, EneaEnea Zucchi Domagnano
2000 San Marino Zavoli, EvertEvert Zavoli Virtus
2001 Italy Giaquinto, AlexAlex Giaquinto Tre Penne
2002 San Marino Bacciocchi, NicolaNicola Bacciocchi Domagnano
2003 Italy Fambri, GiacomoGiacomo Fambri Domagnano
2004 San Marino Gasperoni, FedericoFederico Gasperoni Urbino
2005 San Marino Casadei, MarcoMarco Casadei Domagnano
2006 San Marino Vannucci, DamianoDamiano Vannucci Libertas
2007 Italy Agostini, MassimoMassimo Agostini Murata
2008 San Marino Chiaruzzi, NicolaNicola Chiaruzzi La Fiorita
2009 Italy Montanari, SimoneSimone Montanari Juvenes Dogana
2010 San Marino Palazzi, MirkoMirko Palazzi Tre Penne
2011 San Marino Montagna, PaoloPaolo Montagna Cosmos
2012 San Marino Cibelli, EnricoEnrico Cibelli Tre Penne
2013 San Marino Simoncini, AldoAldo Simoncini Libertas


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