Palm Harbor Fire Rescue

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue
Agency Overview
Established 1956
Employees unknown
Staffing Career
Fire chief Craig Maciuba, Chief
Facilities & Equipment
Stations 4
Engines 3
Trucks 1
Squads 1
Rescues 0
EMS Level ALS and BLS

The Palm Harbor Fire Rescue is a career department located in Palm Harbor, Pinellas County, Florida. PHFR protects a community of nearly 60,000 residents living in a 22 square mile area and provides a wide range of services, including fire prevention/code enforcement, fire and life safety education, fire suppression, disaster preparedness and response, rescue, hazardous materials response, and first responder advanced life support. The department provides these services by staffing 3 ALS engine companies, 1 ALS 78' Ladder Truck, and 1 ALS heavy rescue squad from four fire/rescue stations.


In July 1956, the "Ozona, Palm Harbor, Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department" (OPC) was organized to provide fire protection to the residents of those communities. The Fire District was chartered by the State of Florida in the early 1960s. When first organized, the department operated with all volunteers who also built the fire station. That building served as the main station until the construction of Station 65 in 1988. The name shortened in 1979. As of July, 2000, the Department's legal name became Palm Harbor Special Fire Control and Rescue District. For daily operations, the name used is Palm Harbor Fire Rescue. The District is currently 21 square miles (54 km2) with a population of approximately 62,000 residents. The District is mainly a bedroom style community with 70% of the residents working outside the District. Most commercial activity is with strip shopping centers located along U.S. 19 and U.S. Alt 19.

The District's final station was built in 1991. Unless the District experiences serious future growth, its need for stations has been satisfied.

For a number of years, funding was done through Special Assessments where residents paid a determined amount for each dwelling. In 1985 the District requested that the Pinellas County Legislative Delegation approve a charter change allowing the District to tax residents and businesses based on assessed value of property (ad valorem). There was some resistance to this change so the Delegation had a four (4) question ballot created for the referendum. Included on that ballot were questions that ranged from whether the voters felt the District should go to ad valorem taxation with a 2 mil cap, to whether the District should remain the same or become a Dependent District under Pinellas County. Because there were too many options, the voters were confused and subsequently elected to have the district remain status quo. In 1996 the voters approved a .50 mileage cap increase allowing the District to go up to 2.0 mils if necessary.


Station Location Fire Units (ALS) Admin Units Speciality Units (BLS)
Engine Pumper Truck Squad District Chief HazMat Marine Rehab Special Rescue Brush Truck
Station 65 250 West Lake Road E65 P65§ S65 D65
Station 66 1123 Illinois Avenue E66 H66 SR66 B66
Station 67 2300 Glen Eagles Parkway P67§ T67
Station 68 3007 Alt 19 North E68 M68 RH68

§ = Designates reserve units, usually used when primary unit is out of service for mechanical or during times of disaster.

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