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Palmerah is a Subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia. The Subdistrict is roughly bounded by Jakarta-Merak Tollway to the north, Batusari - Rawa Belong Road to the west, Palmerah Barat - Palmerah Utara Road to the south, and Aipda K. Sasuit Tubun Road - Western Flood Canal to the east.

Let Jend S. Parman Tollway, one of Jakarta's main artery, crosses the center of Palmerah Subdistrict.

The Textile Museum, generally known to be located in Tanah Abang (Central Jakarta), is actually located in Palmerah (Kelurahan of Kota Bambu Selatan). The museum is identified with Tanah Abang Subdistrict because it is located close to the boundary of the two Subdistricts.

Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)[edit]

Palmerah is divided into six Kelurahan (Administrative Villages)

  • Slipi - area code 11410
  • Kota Bambu Utara - area code 11420
  • Kota Bambu Selatan - area code 11420
  • Jatipulo - area code 11430
  • Palmerah - area code 11480
  • Kemanggisan - area code 11480

List of important places[edit]

Textile Museum