Palor language

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Native to Senegal
Region Thies
Ethnicity Serer-Palor
Native speakers
10,700  (2007)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 fap
Glottolog palo1243[2]

Palor is a language spoken in Senegal. The speakers of this language - the Palor people or Serer-Palor, are ethnically Serers but they do not speak the Serer-Sine language. Just as the Lehar, Saafi, Noon and Ndut languages, their language is classified as one of the Cangin languages attached to the Niger–Congo family. Palor is closer to Ndut.

Other names[edit]

Falor, Palar, Paloor, Sili-Sili and "Waro" (the name for themselves).[3]


As of 2002, the number of speakers were 9680, found mainly in central-west, west and southwest of Thies. In 2007, the number of speakers increased to 10,700.[4]


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