Paluel Nuclear Power Plant

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Paluel Nuclear Power Plant
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Paluel Nuclear Power Plant is located in France
Paluel Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Paluel Nuclear Power Plant in France
Official name Centrale Nucléaire de Paluel
Country France
Location Paluel
Coordinates 49°51′29″N 0°38′8″E / 49.85806°N 0.63556°E / 49.85806; 0.63556Coordinates: 49°51′29″N 0°38′8″E / 49.85806°N 0.63556°E / 49.85806; 0.63556
Status Operational
Construction began 1977
Commission date June 22, 1984
Operator(s) EDF
Nuclear power station
Reactor supplier Framatome
Power generation
Units operational 4 x 1,382 MW
Make and model Alstom
Nameplate capacity 5,528 MW
Annual generation 34,402 GW·h
Site c/o Betreibers

The Nuclear power station Paluel (French: Centrale nucléaire de Paluel) lies within the French town Paluel in Normandy in the Département Seine-Maritime. The nuclear power station, which consists of four 1330 MWe class pressurized water reactors, is about 40 kilometers far away from the city of Dieppe and employs approx. 1,250 full-time workers. The operator is the French company EDF. Water from the English Channel is used for cooling.


The installed total output of 5.528 GW makes it one of the largest nuclear power stations in France. By electrical output it is second place in France and seventh place worldwide. It feeds on average 32 billion kilowatt-hours into the public electricity grid every year.


In the past, there were problems with the cooling of the plant due to blockage of cooling water from the English Channel, which causes an automatic reactor trip.

The blockage has been caused in part by seasonally-present macroalgae, and EDF is pursuing possible solutions to prevent its entrainment with Gunderboom, Inc.


Reaktorblock[1] Type Net power Total power Construction start Construction finish Commercial operation Shut down
Paluel 1 PWR 1,330 MW 1,382 MW 15.08.1977 22.06.1984 01.12.1985 2025 planned
Paluel 2 PWR 1,330 MW 1,382 MW 01.01.1978 04.09.1984 01.12.1985 2025 planned
Paluel 3 PWR 1,330 MW 1,382 MW 01.02.1979 30.09.1985 01.02.1986 2026 planned
Paluel 4 PWR 1,330 MW 1,382 MW 01.02.1980 11.04.1986 01.06.1986 2026 planned