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This article is about the character in "Dallas". For the character of the same name in the ABC TV series, see How to Get Away with Murder#Main cast.
Pamela Rebecca Barnes
Rebecca Ewing.jpg
Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Rebecca Barnes
Dallas character
Portrayed by Jenna Pangburn (1989)
Deborah Kellner (1996)
Julie Gonzalo (2012–2014)
Duration 1989, 1996, 2012–14
First appearance April 14, 1989
Yellow Brick Road
Last appearance September 22, 2014
Brave New World
Created by Leonard Katzman
Dallas: J.R. Returns
Aliases Pamela Rebecca Cooper
Rebecca Sutter
Occupation 1/3 Owner of Ewing Global
Former President of Barnes Global (2012)
Law school graduate
Residence Dallas, Texas

Pamela Rebecca Ewing (née Barnes; formerly Cooper) is a fictional character and one of the primary female leads in the primetime soap opera Dallas on the TNT network, a continuation of the original series of the same name that aired on CBS from 1978 to 1991. Rebecca is portrayed by actress Julie Gonzalo, and has appeared on the show since its pilot episode, which first aired on June 13, 2012. A member of Barnes family, the character originated in two episodes of the original series' season 12, and also appeared in the TV reunion movie Dallas: J.R. Returns (which is not regarded as canon by the 2012 series). Pamela Rebecca's name is amalgam of the names of character's aunt Pamela Barnes Ewing and grandmother Rebecca Barnes Wentworth.


Original Series[edit]

Pamela Rebecca is born off-screen in Dallas in 1984, as the daughter of Cliff Barnes and Afton Cooper. At the time of Rebecca's birth, Afton had left Dallas, and Cliff wasn't aware of her existence until 1989, when she appeared in the season 12 episodes "The Yellow Brick Road" and "The Sound of Money". As Afton didn't want to acknowledge Cliff as the father of Pamela (at the time called "Pammie"), they soon leave Dallas again.

Dallas (2012 TV series)[edit]

Season 1
Pamela (using the alias "Rebecca Sutter") meets Christopher as part of a scheme along with her boyfriend Tommy to infiltrate the Ewing family. Tommy pretends he is "Rebecca's" brother and soon Christopher falls in love with Pamela and they get married. She becomes pregnant with twins. Christopher's former fiancee Elena gets with John Ross in the meantime. Soon, it is revealed that Pamela no longer wants to manipulate the Ewings, as she has fallen in love with Christopher, but Tommy threatens her. Later, in self-defense, Pamela shoots and kills Tommy, hiding the body. But the truth is revealed to everyone. Christopher files for divorce and lets Pamela know he will have her arrested and take her kids from her. He then gets engaged to Elena, who ended her engagement with John Ross because of his lies. It is revealed that Pamela is the daughter of Cliff Barnes and Afton Cooper in the season finale. She vows to her father that she will take down the Ewings and not let her heart get in the way this time.

Season 2
Pamela schemes with John Ross to steal Ewing Energies from the couple, but they eventually start to have sex with each other. However, their "relationship" ends when their fathers learn of this and disapprove. Their deal also ends when John Ross learns she got 10% of Ewing Energies and wants to make peace with Christopher. Nevertheless, John Ross saves her from being set up by Frank, her co-worker. By now, John Ross has fallen in love with her. When John Ross attempts to make nice with her, he invites her to the rig to celebrate Christopher's success. However, Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland arrange for the rig to be blown up, blackmailing Drew Ramos to do so. After the explosion, Pamela is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Pamela suffers from an aortic aneurysm and loses the two babies. When John Ross informs her of Cliff's involvement in the explosion that killed her babies, Pamela refuses to believe it. She eventually discovers the truth when Cliff refers to her children as "collateral damage". She convinces her father to give her her Aunt Katherine's percentage in Barnes Global. Rebecca and John Ross marry in the episode "Love & Family" in order to ensure that John Ross has access to her shares in Cliff's company. She makes it clear that she is marrying him for both love and revenge on Cliff.

Casting and creation (2012 series)[edit]

In 2010, TNT (sister company to Warner Bros. Television, the current copyright owners of the series) announced they were producing a new, updated Dallas series.[4] It is a continuation of the original series and primarily centers around Sue Ellen and J.R.'s son John Ross Ewing III, and Bobby Ewing and Pam's adopted son Christopher Ewing, though various stars of the original series will be reprising their roles.[4] Former cast members Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy all agreed to return to the show and portray their original characters.[5][6] Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing) commented: "We’re like the kids on Harry Potter. We’re going back to Hogwarts!"[6]


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