Pančić's Peak

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Pančić's Peak
Pančićev vrh.jpg
Mausoleum of Josif Pančić on Pančić's Peak
Elevation 2,017 m (6,617 ft)
Pančić's Peak is located in Serbia
Pančić's Peak
Pančić's Peak
Location in Serbia
Location Serbia, Kosovo[a]
Range Kopaonik (Rhodope Mountains)
Coordinates 43°16′05″N 20°49′33″E / 43.268056°N 20.825833°E / 43.268056; 20.825833Coordinates: 43°16′05″N 20°49′33″E / 43.268056°N 20.825833°E / 43.268056; 20.825833

Pančić's Peak (Serbian: Панчићев врх, Pančićev vrh) is the highest point in the Kopaonik mountain range. The peak is located on the border between Serbia[1] and Kosovo[a].[2][3] Next to the radio tower at its top is a memorial to Josif Pančić.[4] The peak is 2,017 m high, and can be easily reached from the Konaci tourist complex by foot.[5] The Serbian portion of Pančić's Peak and the Kopaonik mountains are part of the Kopaonik National Park.[1]

The mountain peak was previously named Milan's Peak (Миланов врх, Milanov vrh) after the first king of modern Serbia, Milan Obrenović. On 7 July 1951 it was renamed after the Serbian botanist Josif Pančić, who is buried at the top in a small mausoleum[6] damaged during the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.[7][8][9]

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