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The Pan-Slavic flag approved at the Prague Slavic Congress, 1848

The Pan-Slavic colors, red, blue and white, are colors used on the flags of some Slavic peoples and states in which the majority of inhabitants possess a Slavic background. Their use symbolizes the common origin of the Slavic peoples. Poland, as well as Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) however, possessed a white-and-red flag before the movement, which were based on early medieval influences; these are unrelated to the Russian flag. Likewise the former flag of Belarus and the Ukrainian flag are also based on earlier influences.[citation needed] The flag of Slovenia was introduced in 1848, when group of Slovenian intellectuals in Vienna (Austria) created the tricolor flag (white-blue-red). It was heavily influenced by Russian flag and pan-Slavic colors. Other sources claim that Slovenian intellectuals created the Slovenian flag and took its colors from late 15th century Carniola Coat of Arms. Designed by Austrian Habsburg monarchy elite that ruled Carniola (Kranjska) at that time. Slovakia also has the same tricolor flag design as Slovenia and Russia. The first Slovak flag was also introduced in 1848.

Yugoslavia, both the Kingdom (Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1918–1943) and the Republic (SFR Yugoslavia, 1943–1992) was a union of several Slavic nations, and therefore not only sported the pan-Slavic colors but adopted the pan-Slavic flag as its own (later adding a red star). The State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, a successor state of Yugoslavia, also used the pan-Slavic flag.

These three colors, symbolizing freedom and revolutionary ideals, are also used on the flags of many non-Slavic nations.

Flags of some republics and autonomous okrugs of Russia with non-Slavic titular nation (e.g. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug) incorporate the pan-Slavic tricolor to symbolize both their being part of Russia and significant presence of Russian population.

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