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Pan Africa Christian University
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Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Muthwii
Location Kenya Nairobi, Kenya
1°12′58″S 36°53′04″E / 1.215987°S 36.884524°E / -1.215987; 36.884524Coordinates: 1°12′58″S 36°53′04″E / 1.215987°S 36.884524°E / -1.215987; 36.884524

Pan Africa Christian (PAC) University is a Christian university in Nairobi, Kenya. The institution is a fully accredited and chartered private university, approved by the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education, and authorised by the Government of Kenya to award undergraduate and graduate degrees.


PAC was founded by its prime sponsor, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), and began its operations in 1978 as a Bible College. As a mission-minded organisation, the PAOC began sending missionaries to numerous African countries in the 1920s. As a result of their efforts, a strong National church has emerged in Kenya and surrounding countries. Continentally, these churches are generally known as the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG). Through the efforts of indigenous pastors, missionaries, and evangelists, some PAG fellowships have grown to over 3000 churches.

Nairobi, with its central location and accessibility, was a choice place for PAC to be situated. A venue on the north-east outskirts of the city became available in 1978 to the PAOC, who secured the property for the establishment of a degree-granting institution.

PAC opened for classes on 2 May 1978, with 6 students and has grown to over 300 students. PAC faculty is composed of African nationals as well as non-African instructors seconded by PAOC. In addition to its full-time lecturing faculty, the University has a number of part-time faculty who lecture in their fields of expertise. Full-time faculty usually have both pastoral experience and post-graduate degrees.

In 1985, the Commission for Higher Education (CHE) was established to advance university education in Kenya, with particular reference to the co-ordination of long-term planning, staff development, scholarship and the physical development of universities in Kenya. On this basis, CHE registered PAC as an existing university in 1989. Since that time, PAC has been working with the CHE towards government accreditation with the Ministry of Education. The PAC curriculum for the degrees offered was officially approved by the CHE as of 2006.

Pan Africa Christian University was officially awarded a charter on 15 February 2008 by Mwai Kibaki, the President of the Kenya. PAC became the ninth private University to be chartered in Kenya.


Being an international university, PAC trains students from a dozen countries within and out of Africa. Many PAC alumni are involved in Bible College teaching, pastoral ministry, denominational leadership, missionary work, and para-church ministry. Each year, a number of PAC University alumni pursue post-graduate studies in universities and seminaries all over the world.


The Leadership University: Character, Service, Transformation


To develop Godly Christian leaders, growing disciples of Jesus Christ who are thoroughly equipped to serve God, the church and their communities as they strengthen and actively multiply believers in Africa and around the world.


To be the leading Christian university of choice in Africa, characterised by high quality and professional education in a community of learning and service, which is instrumental in the transformation of society.

Core Values[edit]

  • Pursuit of truth and moral integrity
  • Stressing the importance of people
  • Mutual respect and collaboration for PAC’s diverse community
  • Priority and focus on biblical and spiritual formation
  • Relevance of training in content, structure and process
  • Excellence in work, spiritual walk and service among students, faculty and staff
  • Instilling servant leadership values among students, faculty and staff


PAC University seeks to expand its influence by continuously developing academic programmes that address vital needs in all spheres of society and inspiring transformation through Christ centred godly leadership. PAC offers the following programmes:

Bachelor of Business Leadership[edit]

Bachelor of business leadership focuses on developing in the student a Christian perspective towards corporate business leadership. The programme combines Leadership Studies centred on the philosophy of servant leadership with four areas of concentration.

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology[edit]

The Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology provides the student with theoretical and applied training for a church–related vocation. This programme serves students with a call to ministry as pastors, missionaries and teachers.

Bachelor of Arts in Counseling[edit]

The Bachelor of Arts in Counseling is intended for students who desire to serve the church and community by providing counselling services to individuals, couples and family relations and counselling ministries, as well as small group facilitation and mediation.

Master of Arts in Leadership[edit]

This is PAC's fastest growing programme, with three speciality areas:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Christian Ministries

Diploma in Youth Ministry[edit]

Designed to give hands-on insight into how to dig into and gain insight to the world of the youth.

Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education[edit]

This program seeks to provide education geared towards development of the child's mental capability and physical growth.

Diploma in Counseling[edit]

This is an integrated program that seeks to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical counselling skills that prepare them for effective counselling work in various settings within the communities they serve.

Youth Discipleship Programme[edit]

For young people who have completed their high school studies and are waiting for post secondary education in universities and colleges.

Enrolment by programme in 2007[edit]

Pre University Programme 10
Youth Discipleship Programme 23
BA in Bible and Theology 97
BA in Bible and Translation Studies 17
BA in Bible and Counselling 68
Master of Arts in Leadership 52
Total 257


Intakes for the programs are as follows:

  • Master of Arts in leadership intakes are in April, August and November.
  • Undergraduate Programmes are in September, January and May.
  • Youth Discipleship Programme is in January and May.
  • Pre University Programme in January, May and September.

Evening classes[edit]

There are evening classes at PAC's main campus at Roysambu, Kasarani.

External links[edit]

  • PAC Official Web Site Note: Any text copied from the PAC website is used by permission from the institution.