Pan Am Flight 281

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Pam Am Flight 281
Hijack summary
Date November 24, 1968
Summary Aircraft hijacking
Site USA and Cuba
Passengers Unknown
Crew Unknown
Survivors All
Aircraft type Boeing 707[1]
Operator Pan Am
Flight origin JFK International Airport, NY, USA
Stopover Havana, Cuba
Destination San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pan Am Flight 281 was a regularly scheduled Pan American World Airways flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was hijacked on November 24, 1968, by 4 men from JFK International Airport, New York to Havana, Cuba.[2][3] Fighter jet followed plane to Cuba. [4]

Two of the hijackers were apprehended in the 1970s. Jose Rafael Rios Cruz was arrested in 1975; Miguel Castro was captured in 1976. Both pleaded guilty; Cruz was sentenced to 15 years in prison and Castro to 12.

A third hijacker, Luis Armando Peña Soltren, lived as a fugitive in Cuba. In October 2009, he voluntarily returned to the United States and surrendered to federal authorities. He pleaded guilty to the hijacking on March 18, 2010.[5] On January 4, 2011 he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, without the possibility of parole.[6]

Alejandro Figueroa, a woman charged as a co-conspirator in the case, was acquitted in 1969.


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