Panamanian Sign Language

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Panamanian Sign Language
Lengua de señas panameñas
Native to Panama
Native speakers
(no estimate available)[1]
French Sign
Language codes
ISO 639-3 lsp
Glottolog pana1308[2]

Panamanian Sign Language (Lengua de señas panameñas, LSP) is the deaf sign language of Panama, derived from American Sign Language and influenced by Salvadoran Sign Language.[1][3]

External links[edit]

  • Garay, S. (2004). Understanding the Panama Deaf Community & Sign Language: Lengua de Señas Panameñas. (Instructional CD) Asociación Nacional de Sordos de Panamá.
  • —— (1990). Panama's sign language dictionary: Lengua de señas panameñas. Asociación Nacional de Sordos de Panamá.


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