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Parmar(parmara) rajput village .people who never give up, chanderbansi rajputs of hoshiarpur Panchhat, commonly known as Panshta, is a village in Phagwara Tehsil in the Kapurthala District, Punjab. The nearest city, Phagwara, is about 22 km (14 mi) away. Panshta is in center of many cities like Adampur, Mahilpur, Hoshiarpur.


Rajput sikh(parmar) is a big village and had a glorious past cause a royal rajputana village..after slaughter of victorious doad rajputs in garhshankar (founded by shankar.sahai doad ) by ghorewahas in a murderous way while doads were busy in prayer if mata rani ..after this tragedy the grand sons and other royal family members just hidden in surrounding areas .and then jalwehra dandian .younger prince married with princess from ajnoha .and rest of.doad families went upper range hills and still living there and these royal families relatives came to live in panshta village.The village was found by a "Parmar" Rajput, the youngest of five brothers. Panchhat literally means "smallest of five". The name derives from "panj" (five) and "chat" (from Chotta: younger).


Panchhat has a post office, a police station Hospital and a gas agency


According to the 1991 census, the population of Panchhat was 2276 and has 296 hectares.

As with most villages in this area majority of the young generation has migrated to US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe.


The nearest city, Phagwara, is about 22 km (14 mi) away. To reach Panchhat one must travel about 10 km (6 mi) on the Hoshiarpur-Phagwara Road and then travel about 9 km (6 mi) on the link road to Panshta. There is regular bus service from Phagwara to this village. One of many very important canals, called Bist Doab Canal, which helps other districts of the state Punjab passes from north of the village.

Nearby villages include: Narur, Jalwehra, Kukowal, Mayopatti, Ajnoha, Nangal - Thindal, Bhagana.


Schools in the village:

  • Govt. Primary School
  • Public High School
  • Nav Bharat Girls High School
  • Govt. High School
  • Guru Nanak Nav Bharat College
  • Bist Doab Public School (log on [1] )
  • Shri Guru Hargovind Sikh Missionary Public High School
  • Saint Soldier Public School


This village's population is 65% Sikh and 30% Hindu and 5% others.

The village is secular and has Gurudwaras, Temples and Muslim Masjid such as Shiv Shanker Mandir, Baba Bhure Shah Ji, Shaheed Ganj Gurudwara and Tap Asthan Sant Baba Nagiana Singh Ji. The Smadh of Baba Tukad Gir Ji. The Smadh of Bhagat Baba Kalu Ji (famous for holding the annual Baisakhi Mela. Shiri guru ravidas ji maharaj gurudwara.

Notable people[edit]

Talwinder Singh Parmar the famous (although controversial) leader of "Babbar Khalsa" belonged to this village.

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