Pandamonium (TV series)

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Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation
Written by Fred Silverman
Jerry Eisenberg
Voices of Walker Edmiston
Katie Leigh
Julie McWhirter
Cliff Norton
Neil Ross
Jesse White
William Woodson
Theme music composer Johnny Douglas (conductor)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Fred Silverman
David H. DePatie
Producer(s) Tony Benedict
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Marvel Productions
MGM/UA Television
Distributor Turner Entertainment Co.
Warner Bros. Television Distribution)
Original channel CBS
Original run 18 September 1982 – 1983

Pandamonium is a 1982-83 animated series that aired on CBS.


When an evil alien named Mondraggor attempted to steal an ancient object called the Pyramid of Power, the pyramid shattered into many pieces, which scattered around the world. Each week, Mondraggor would race against two human siblings, Peter and Peggy Darrow, who were accompanied by three talking pandas named Chesty, Timothy, and Algernon, who were irradiated by the Pyramid's magic. The three of them could unite to form Poppapanda, a being with supernatural power.

In the air, Mondraggor possessed control over wind, fire, thunder and lightning. On Earth, however, all of his powers disappeared except for his ability to control people's minds, leading him to brainwash several people in his attempt to claim the pyramid pieces.

The series was cancelled after one season, before all of the pieces of the Pyramid of Power were successfully found by the human and panda team. However, they did manage to collect enough pieces by the end of the series to be able to take advantage of their power to a degree in times of need.

Episode list[edit]

Title Air date
1 "The Beginning" 1982·Sep·18
2 "Algernon's Story" 1982·Sep·25
3 "Timothy's Story" 1982·Oct·02
4 "The Itty-Bitty City" 1982·Oct·09
5 "Chesty's Story" 1982·Oct·16
6 "Amanda Panda's Story" 1982·Oct·23
7 "Ice Hassles" 1982·Oct·30
8 "Methinks the Sphinx Jinx Stinks" 1982·Nov·06
9 "Prehistoric Hysterics" 1982·Nov·13
10 "Once Upon a Time Machine" 1982·Nov·20
11 "The Cybernetic City" 1982·Nov·27
12 "20,000 Laughs Beneath the Sea" 1982·Dec·04
13 "The Great Space Chase" 1982·Dec·11

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