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Bag of pandesal.JPG
Type Breakfast
Place of origin Philippines
Main ingredient(s) Flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, salt
Putok (pandesal, Lin-Mers, Baliuag, Bulacan) made from monay dough.

Pandesal (Spanish: pan de sal, "salt bread") is a bread roll made of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and salt. It has become a common food item in the Philippines.[1]


Pandesal is a popular yeast-raised bread in the Philippines. Individual loaves are shaped by rolling the dough into long logs (bastón) which are rolled in fine bread crumbs. These are then portioned, allowed to rise, and baked.

Its taste and texture closely resemble those of the Puerto Rican bread pan de agua and Mexican bolillos.


Pandesal was invented in 16th Century Spanish-Era Philippines.


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