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Ha'apai Islands, Pangai on the western coast of Lifuka

Pangai is the administrative capital village of the Haʻapai Group in Tonga.

The Town[edit]

The village is on the western shore of Lifuka and has about 2,000 inhabitants.[1]

The village center is around the Catholic Church (Siasi Katolika)[2] and Holopeka Road by the harbor. There are only a few shops and markets and one bank.

There are few historic sites besides some churches,[2][3][4] a few Colonial styled houses and cemeteries.[5][6]


The island's Pilolevu Airport (Lifuka Island Airport, IATA code "HPA") is situated about 5 km north of Pangai.

It exists a ferry terminal, the Pangai Ferry Terminal.


The Methodist missionary Shirley Waldemar Baker who was prime minister of Tonga under king George Tupou I died in Pangai on 16 November 1903. His grave and monument in the cemetery still stand as a touristic attraction.


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Coordinates: 19°48′12″S 174°20′56″W / 19.80333°S 174.34889°W / -19.80333; -174.34889