Panic & Action

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Panic & Action
Founded 2008
Genre Metalcore, punk rock, Deathcore, Post hardcore, Emo
Country of origin  Sweden
Location Åmål (Headquarter), Örebro
Official website

Panic & Action is a Swedish record label based in Åmål and Örebro.


Panic & Action was founded in 2008 by Kid Down vocalist Eric Höjdén and Peter Ahlqvist (founder of Burning Heart Records). Most famous bands who are currently signed to the label are Her Bright Skies, Adept and Chemical Vocation. Other musicians who signe to Panic & Action are Social Siberia (solo-project of Chemical Vocation guitarist Joakim Jensen), Walking with Strangers (Deathcore) and The Shiloh.

Panic & Action distributes their recordings worldwide. They organize a Sampler called Burn All the Small Towns featuring all signed bands and Kid Down and the Panic & Action Tour.


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