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The Panjeta, also known as Panjuttha, are Jatt people of Northern India. They have a distinct cultural history that can be historically traced back to the ancient times. Panjeta's were from Central Asia near the country that is now called Kazakhstan. After the Panjeta ruled for over one thousand years, they split into two groups. At that time, half of the Panjeta clan moved to countries that is now known as Bosnia and Herzegovina (refer to famous director Lejla Panjeta, and the rest moved to northern parts of India. Some had moved to Western countries for business and commercial reasons. Few Panjetas reside in India whereas large numbers reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina areas. The density of this tribe is high in such areas of Delhi,Haryana and Punajab like Shahbad, Amritsar,Patiala, Yamunanagar, Ladwa, Pehowa, [(Bilaspur)], {Tehi}, {Jainpur} and some villages on the outskirts of Ludhiana. Their major occupation is farming and they are now venturing into glamor

Distribution In Hrayana[edit]

Villages in Jind District[edit]


Villages in Kurukshetra District[edit]

Bakali, Dudha -Dudhi, Kharkhali, Mehra,

Villages in Yamunanagar District[edit]

Alahar, Bhut Majra, Haripur Jatan, Harnaul, Mandebar, Sadikpur, Manakpur, Panjetoen,

Distribution in Punjab[edit]

Panjeta villages in Patiala district[edit]

Notable persons[edit]

  • Dalawar Singh Panjeta - EX Member of Zila Parishad (Kharkhali, Ladwa, kurukshetra)
  • Ram Karan Panjeta - Sarpanch of Village - Dudha (ladwa, kurukshetra)
  • Om Prakash Panjeta - Retired SE Aakashvani Kurukshetra {Reside at Yamunanagar Haryana}
  • Aditya Panjeta - Ex Student Dyal Singh Public School Karnal {Reside at Karnal Haryana}
  • Anil Kumar Panjeta - Assistant Engineer Doordarshan High Power Transmitter' Karnal