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Bonino-Pannella List (Lista Bonino-Pannella) was a libertarian and progressive electoral list formed by the Italian Radicals.

Named after Marco Pannella and Emma Bonino, the list was the continuation of Pannella List (1992–1999) and Bonino List (1999-2009) and its candidates were mainly members of the Italian Radicals. In the 2009 European Parliament election the list gained 2.4% and no seats in the election,[1] despite being particularly strong in urban areas, such as Milan (5.5%), Bologna (5.1%), Florence (5.0%), Padua (5.0%) and Turin (4.9%).[2]

Emma Bonino ran for President in Lazio but lost to Renata Polverini. The List gained 3.3% of the vote in Lazio and two regional councillors,[3] while doing poorly in the other regions where the Radicals where able to deliver their lists, including in Piedmont, where they gained a mere 0.7%.[4]

The Bonino-Pannella List was succeeded by the Amnesty Justice Freedom List in 2013.