Pannonia Inferior

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Provincia Pannonia Inferior
Province of the Roman Empire

103–3rd century

Location of Lower Pannonia
Pannonia Inferior map
Capital Aquincum and Sirmium[1]
 -  Established 103
 -  Disestablished 3rd century
Today part of  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pannonia Inferior, lit. Lower Pannonia, was an ancient Roman province. It was formed in the year 103 AD. The province included parts of present-day Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Some of the important cities in Pannonia Inferior were: Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica), Cuccium (today Ilok), Cibalae (today Vinkovci), Mursa (today Osijek), Certissa (today Đakovo), Marsonia (today Slavonski Brod), Sopianae (today Pécs), Aquincum (today Buda), etc.

Aftermath and legacy[edit]

In the Frankish period, in the 9th century, Lower Pannonia was a duchy that spanned from the Drava to the Sava.

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