Upper Pannonia

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Provincia Pannonia Superior
Province of the Roman Empire

2nd century–3rd century

Location of Upper Pannonia
Upper Pannonia (Pannonia Superior) map
Capital Carnuntum
 -  Established 2nd century
 -  Disestablished 3rd century
Today part of  Austria
 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Upper Pannonia or Pannonia Superior was ancient Roman province with the capital Carnuntum. It was formed in the year 103 AD. Upper Pannonia included parts of present-day Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovakia.


Some of the important cities in Upper Pannonia were:

Later usage[edit]

From cca. 796 to 828/830 Upper Pannonia, as a territory under Frankish influence, referred to present-day western Hungary, i.e. to Pannonia to the north of the Drava (and to the east of Carantania and Krain). From 828/830 onwards, Upper Pannonia referred to Pannonia to the north of the Rába River and to the east of Tulln. The name can be found even much later in a similar, but wider, meaning. E.g. Otto von Freising (Chron. 6, 15) uses it to refer to Austria (i.e. Austria proper) in the 12th century.

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