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Pano Aqil
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
 • Total 3,193 km2 (1,233 sq mi)
 • Total 245,187
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of towns 516
Number of Union councils 12
Pano Aqil Government Website

Pano Akil (Urdu: پنّوعاقِل‎), is a tehsil/taluka of Sukkur District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.[1] It is located approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the Sukkur. Pano Aqil Cantonment, Pakistan's largest cantonment, is located here. The Mohallas in this city include Soomra Mohalla Fouji Mohalla, Abbasi Muhammadi Mohalla, Sofi Mohalla, Mehran Colony, Indher Colony,soomra colony Basheerabad, Shaikh Muhalla, Mandar Gali, Masan Muhalla, Gharibabad, Bashirabad, Mohalla Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and Irrigation Colony. It consists of 12 union councils[1] and 516 villages.


The city can be accessed by rail as it is located on the main railway line of Pakistan. The national highway also passes by the west of the city, providing easy access by Road. Similarly, public transport is easily available for various cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Sukkur. Sukkur Airport is about at an one and half hour driving distance from the city. The city is connected via a grid of roads and streets, most accessible by car.


Pano Akil is basically an agricultural area, as its land is fertile while water is available in appropriate quantity. Some agricultural industries include cotton, vegetables, fruits, sugarcane and Okra.


The educational facilities at Pano Akil are basic. The Garrison School and College system provides the main education in cantt area . In the city education is provided by Mehran Model School & Sec: College, The City School, Islamia Model School, Al-Shahabaz School, Roshan Tara School, National Comprehensive School, Govt: Shaheed Abdul Aziz Degree Science College, Govt Girls College and Govt High School, Nobel Model School, Govt. Higher Secondary Schools at Sultanpur, Hingoro, Mubarakpur and Hussain Kalwer.

  • There are Also Educational Academies for IX, X, XI, XII and Specially for

Pre Entry Test Preparation. 1.Pano Akil educational academy 2.Ideal educational academy 3.Iqra Educational Academy & many others....

The Large Islamic Educational Institutes at Pano Akil. Jamia Madinat ul uloom,Jamia Taalim ul Islam (Bannaat) Indher colony,Jamia Tahfeezul Quraan Indher colony,Dar ul Uloom ul Islamia Indher colony,Jamia Hamadiya salahi chacher,Jamia Anwar ul Quraan, Jamia Haleji shareef,Jamia Gol Makki Masjid,madarsa noor-e-mustafa tahiria naqshbandiya village sorho taluka (PNL) etc.... by notables of pano akil


Pano Akil's estimated population is 245,187 in an area of 3,193 square kilometres (1,233 sq mi)Abbasi, Kalhora, Muhammadi, Kamboh, Kalwar,[^Bullo^], Chachar, {Pitafi } Mughal,Ghoto, Malik, Kalhoro, Jiskani,Siyal, Sayed, Indhar,thaheem, wagho, Jatoi, Qazi,Ghota Bhayaa, Samejo, Indher, Shaikh, Kalhora, Bhutto Arain, Mehar Arain, Channa, Arain, Simair, Sahita, Soomra, Mahesar, Korai, Mirani, Maka, Mangi, Almani, Jhullan, Bhellar, Mari, Jarwar, Lanjar, Lashari, Khaldi, Sanghar and Umrani tribes live in the taluqa. There is a large Hindu community. Some Christian families also live and work in the city.

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