Panzerfaust Records

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Panzerfaust Records
Founded 1998 (1998)
  • Anthony Pierpont
  • Ed Wolbank
  • Eric Davidson
Status Defunct
Genre Rock Against Communism
Country of origin United States
Location Minnesota

Panzerfaust Records was a Minnesota-based white power record label founded in September 1998. Named after a German anti-tank rocket,[1] the record label distributed the music of white power bands and organized concerts across the United States.[2] At the label's peak around 2000, it was the main competitor of Resistance Records,[2] and they had grown close to the neo-Nazi group White Revolution.[3]


Panzerfaust Records was founded in 1998 by Anthony Pierpont, Ed Wolbank and Eric Davidson.[4][3] The organisation had ties to a number of other groups, including Hammerfist Nation,[2] the "largest [US] skinhead group",[5] Volksfront and White Revolution.[3] In 2003 Bryant Cecchini, aka Byron Calvert, joined the company.[2]

In 2004, the label launched Project Schoolyard, a United States-wide campaign to distribute free Panzerfaust sampler CDs to middle school and high school students.[6] In response, schools were notified and in some districts CDs were confiscated or voluntarily turned over by students,[7][8][9] and the anti-fascist record label Insurgence Records responded by offering a free downloadable compilation called Project Boneyard.[10]

Panzerfaust Records shut down in early 2005 after the arrest of Pierpont for drug possession,[11][12] and the emergence of claims that Pierpont was of hispanic descent and had "dated women and transgendered individuals outside the White race".[4][13][14] The company was reorganised without Pierpont to become "Free Your Mind Productions",[3] and Pierpont has since moved away from racism and the white power movement.[15]

As of January 27, 2005, the Panzerfaust Web site was no longer operating.[16]


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