Paolo Fresu

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Paolo Fresu
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Paolo Fresu
Background information
Born (1961-02-10) February 10, 1961 (age 53)
Berchidda, Sardinia
Genres Jazz
Occupations Musician, composer, arranger, record producer
Instruments Trumpet, flugelhorn
Labels EMI, Columbia, Blue Note Records, RCA Records
Website Paolo Fresu's official site

Paolo Fresu (born February 10, 1961) is an Italian trumpeter and flugelhorn jazz player, as well as an arranger of music, and music composer.


Paolo Fresu: award winner, internationally acclaimed Sardinian trumpet player has performed around the world over the past 30 years, with a track record of 300 recordings. Fresu is also professor and artistic director of internationally renowned jazz festivals such as Time in Jazz and Nuoro Jazz. He is involved in the production of numerous multimedia projects, cooperating with actors, dancers, painters, sculptors, and poets, as well as writing music for film, documentary, video, ballet, and theater pieces. Fresu is based in Paris, Bologna and Sardinia. His unique trumpet sound is recognized as one of the most distinctive in the contemporary jazz scene.


Paolo Fresu has played with the following bands:

  • Paolo Fresu Quintet and Sextet
  • Paolo Fresu-Furio di Castri Duo
  • The Open Trio (with Di Castri and James Taylor)
  • P.A.F. (with Furio di Castri and Antonello Salis)
  • Fresu-Di Castri-Balke-Favre
  • Paolo Fresu Euro4th
  • Paolo Fresu Angel Quartet (with Nguyên Lê, Furio di Castri, Roberto Gatto and Antonello Sallis)


The Lost Chords find Paolo Fresu in Monaco. From left to right: Carla Bley, Paolo Fresu and Andy Sheppard

Paolo Fresu quintet and sextet[edit]

  • 1985 – Ostinato – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1986 – Inner Voices feat. David Liebman – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1987 – Mamut – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1988 – Qvarto – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1989 – AA.VV. (Fresu 5th) – Top jazz from Italy (Yvp)
  • 1990 – Live in Montpellier – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1991 – Ossi Di Seppia feat. G. Trovesi – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1992 – Ballads – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1992 – Linve in Lugano – (Blue Jazz)
  • 1994 – Ensalda Mistica feat. G. Trovesi – (Splasc(h) Records)
  • 1994 – AA.VV. (Fresu 5th) – I Disertori (Columbia Records)
  • 1995 – Night on the City – (OWL – EMI Records)
  • 1995 – AA.VV. (Fresu 5th) – Onyx jazz Club 85–95 (Onyx)
  • 1996 – AA.VV. (Fresu 6th) – Italian jazz today (MJDC)
  • 1996 – P. Fresu 6th + Orchestra Utopia – 6 X 30 (Onyx)
  • 1996 – AA.VV. (Fresu 5th) – Sempler, The Blue Note 1995 Labels (EMI / Blue Note Records)
  • 1997 – Paolo Fresu 5th / Erwin Vann – Wanderlust (RCA/Victor BMG)

As sideman[edit]

Mistico Mediterraneo, (ECM, 2011)
The Lost Chords find Paolo Fresu (ECM/Watt, 2007)
Chiaroscuro (ECM, 2008)

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