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Papaioea is a suburb and constituent ward of Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand.


Its name comes from the name of the original settlement in a clearing in forest which was purchased from local Māori (Ngāti Rangitāne) in 1864. The name was used to describe Palmerston North also. Somewhat later, the name had become forgotten with the transliteration of Pamutana being preferred (especially by the Native Land Court). The name Papaioea did not resurface until the 1920s. Many organisations favour the name Papaioea to represent Palmerston North as a whole.

This is a map of Papaioea, the suburb
Population: 2,634 (2001)
Territorial Authority
Name: Palmerston North City

Papaioea, suburb[edit]

Papaioea (the suburb) is bounded on the N by Palmerston North Hospital Area and Featherston Street, on the W by Palmerston North Central (Victoria Avenue), on the S by Hokowhitu West and Ferguson Street, and E by Terrace End, Roslyn (Ruahine Street). Papaioea, between Main Street East and Ferguson Street, is part of Hokowhitu Ward.


Papaioea had a usually resident population in 2001 of 2,634.[1]


Papaioea has many shops, food outlets and supermarkets. Terrace End Shopping Centre (Broadtop) on Broadway Avenue is one such example here. Carncot School for Girls (Private) is present here also. There are many real estate agencies, a veterinarian clinic, many medical clinics and churches; the most striking of which being the Broadway Methodist Church.

Aorangi Hospital, formerly known as Mercy Hospital, is a private hospital which is present in the extreme NW of the suburb (between Alan and Grey Sts).

Horizons Regional Council office is located here also (Victoria Avenue)

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Papaioea Park- is located in the extreme N of the suburb and is used as a football ground and cricket ground by the lower club grades. Papaioea Park is walled on the Featherston St/Ruahine St boundary, which makes an unusual feature. This dates to 1920 when the Palmerston North Borough Council decided to reserve land for a park. They chose the name Papaioea to commemorate the original settlement in the area. Unfortunately, there was a spelling mistake and the name was spelt Papaeoia. This was not corrected until the 1970s ([2]:3).

Local government: Papaioea Ward[edit]

Papaioea, along with Milson, Palmerston North Hospital Area, Roslyn, part of Palmerston North Central and Kelvin Grove make up the ward. Its boundaries are defined as Mangaone Stream in the N (Manawatu District Council); to the S, Main Street E and Napier Road (Hokowhitu Ward); to the E, James Line (Ashhurst Ward); and Rangitikei Street and Rangitikei Line in the W (Takaro Ward). It is the 2nd largest ward in area and the most populous in Palmerston North City. The boundaries were recently extended to include Bunnythorpe.

Papaioea Ward has the unique representation of 4 Councillors on the Palmerston North City Council.

Wards of Palmerston North
Ward Name Suburbs including Councillor(s)
Papaioea Ward Milson, Roslyn, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North Hospital Area, Papaioea, NE part of Palmerston North Central Four - Cr. Susan Baty; Cr. Lew Findlay; Cr. Jan Barnett; Cr. Ross Linklater [3]

Schools in Papaioea Ward[edit]

Central Government[edit]


  • Palmerston North (as at 2009) is represented by New Zealand Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway.