Paper Tiger Books

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Paper Tiger Books
Parent company Anova Books
Status Defunct (2009)
Founded 1976
Founder Martyn and Roger Dean
Country of origin United Kingdom
Key people Hubert Schaafsma
Nigel Suckling
Publication types Art books
Imprints Dragon's Dream
Dragon's World

Paper Tiger Books was a British publishing house which focused primarily on books of modern art, specifically the visionary, the fantastic, and science fiction. It was started in 1976 by brothers Martyn and Roger Dean after the success of Roger Dean's book Views through a sister imprint, Dragon's Dream.[1]

Artists published by Paper Tiger include Chris Achilleos, Stephen Bradbury, Bob Eggleton, John Harris, Peter Andrew Jones, Josh Kirby, Rodney Matthews, Chris Moore, Bruce Pennington, Barclay Shaw, Anne Sudworth, Jim Warren, and Patrick Woodroffe; as well as numerous titles by Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.


Initially formed to publish The Album Cover Album, Paper Tiger's range quickly expanded to include art which was not only connected to music, but also the visionary, the fantastic, and the best of science fiction. The staff within the company, apart from Martyn and Roger Dean, included Dominy Hamilton (daughter of Richard Hamilton), Jim Slattery, Christine Miles, Shelley Alge, and Steve Henderson.[1]

Through its imprint Dragon's World, the company published the 1978 book The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space, by the astrologer and artist A. T. Mann. Through Dragon's Dream, the company published the 1979 book The Studio, by Barry Windsor-Smith, Jeff Jones, Michael William Kaluta, and Bernie Wrightson.

The Dean brothers left the company by 1981, but it continued under the management of Dutchman Hubert Schaafsma,[2] producing a series of fantasy art books, many of which were edited by Nigel Suckling, who also provided text to accompany the pictures.

From July 1999 through October 2001, Paper Tiger issued a monthly ezine called The Paper Snarl,[3] which featured interviews with its artists.

In 1997, Paper Tiger was "rescued"[2] by Collins & Brown, before becoming an imprint of Anova Books. As of late 2009, the imprint appears to be defunct.