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Papnakha is a village near Gujranwala.

Papnakha is mostly populated by the Jutt Clan. All major sects of Muslims reside there. A reasonable number of Christians also live there. Papnakha has ancient history. there is a historical TEMPLE in Papnakha which is 200 year old.

There are four state-run schools and eight private schools. The famous govt Liaquat high school Pipnaka was built around 1954 by Ch Muhammad Ali waraich and Miyan Inayat Ullah Sandhu. Inayat Ullah Sandhu left his govt. job just to serve their village school. He managed the school till it was nationalized by the federal government. When Ch Muhammad Ali waraich took the initiative and announces the plan and vision to build a school where every body get education. The majority of rich people/big farmers rejected the school idea, arguing that if middle class or poor people's kids were educated, they would not listen to them. But Ch Muhammad Ali waraich rejected their ideas and did continue efforts besides his job as an Inspector in Market committee Gujranwala to build the school with the poor people's help and one day his dreams become reality and he achieved his goal. He managed the school very well until Bhutto's Govt nationalized all the schools. Later his son Ch Muhammad safdar waraich was also a teacher in the same school and he resigned and joined the Market committee as an executive officer in Gujranwala and Qila Didar Singh. He also served as a nazim in the union council in Pipnakha, and made a good contribution in local politics. He was a very active and visionary man. His brother Ch. Mushtaq Ahmad waraich was a police inspector in Range Crime Gujranwala. After his retirement from police he is settle in Canada with his family. his older son Irfan Waraich holds a master degree from USA and he worked with world well known companies like, IBM ,Cisco systems as a consultant. And currently he is working with Bank of America as a vice President in New York.

There is a very old private school in this village, Al Mansoor Academy. The man who runs this school, Asgher Ali Warriach, is well known in the village. He has run this school for around 30 years. Girls can acquire education at graduate level in the village.

Dr. Sultan Ali Warraich, one of the pioneer Nuclear Scientists in Pakistan, is from Papnakha. He did his PhD in Nuclear Physics from Purdue University, Indiana in 1948 and returned to Pakistan. He died in 1994. Major Khalid Sultan Warraich and Brig. Dr. Sajid Sultan Warraich are his two well-known sons, who served Pakistan Armed forces in various capacities. Muhammad Ismail Hoban is serving in NUST university as DIRECTOR after retirement from PAF is from Papnakha .Abudl Razaq Sandhu is serving as Protocol Officer/ translator in Pakistan Embassy in U.A.E is from papnakha. Dr. Ikram Ullah Warraich is Heart specialist in D.H.Q Gujranwala and is Head of Department of Heart surgery D.H.Q gujranwala .

Coordinates: 32°10′N 74°04′E / 32.167°N 74.067°E / 32.167; 74.067